Scorpion Complete - 8.0"

Perfect for younger first-time riders, this is our entry level skateboard designed to get you rolling and priced to make skateboarding as accessible as possible. 8.0" maple deck has a flat concave making it much easier for complete beginners.

CORE Trucks - 5.0" & 5.25"

Our Venom Core Trucks are designed to be the next step up from a complete. These are the perfect place to start when upgrading an 'of-the-shelf' complete or building your first custom skateboard. Durable alloy construction and available in sizes 5.0" and 5.25".

Venom Bearing Lubricant

Regularly apply a drop of Venom Bearing Lubricant to each bearing and you'll help extended their life, prevent rust and most importantly make them run smooth and fast! Look after your bearings with Venom Bearing Lubricant and they will look after you!

Venom Bearings

The key to rolling fast and smooth is in the bearings. We offer 2 ratings of skateboard bearings, ABEC 9 and ABEC 11. We want to offer the best quality bearings we can at affordable prices. Our ABEC 9 is ideal for most skaters, offering a high build standard and smooth ride. The ABEC 11 is a bit more special, made for skaters who want a higher standard bearing, made from high tolerance Stainless Steel this bearing is SUPER smooth!

Blank Decks

Our 7 ply Canadian Maple Decks have a quality feel with standard concave and a variety of finishes. Combine with our Trucks to make the perfect clean looking setup. Decks available in sizes: 7.75" - 8.0" - 8.125" - 8.25" - 8.5" Finished in Natural wood, Blue stain and Black stain.

Strike Complete - 8.0"

We designed this skateboard specifically for young teens and up, this complete is a step up from the Scorpion. The 7 ply Canadian Maple deck has a standard concave and is 8.0" wide. This is the ideal starting point for new skaters and a great 'next board' when moving from the Scorpion.

PRO Hollow Trucks - 5.0" & 5.25"

Our Pro level trucks combine high quality alloy construction for strength with high-tech hollow kingpins and axles for lightness. The result is a durable and impressively light truck at very affordable price point. Available in raw or matt black and sizes 5.0" and 5.25".

Venom Curb Wax

Make the gnarliest of sticky ledges grindable with our Venom Formula Curb Wax! Apply the red wax to rails and ledges for a silky smooth slide.

Helmet & Triple Pad Set

Learning to skate can be painful. Wearing protection will take the sting out of bailing and make learning the basics much more enjoyable. We always recommend wearing the appropriate safety gear especially for beginners, thats why we have produced the Venom Helmet and Triple Pad Set. The helmet comes in 3 sizes to fit most and certified to british safety standards. The Triple Pad Set comes with Knee Pads, Elbow Pads and Wrist Guards. Available in 2 sizes, Adult and Junior.

Venom Hardware

We produce all the little bits and pieces you need to keep rolling. From Bolts to Bushings and Tools to Griptape, all at affordable prices.