Venom Skateboard Griptape Cleaner

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Check out Venom skateboards latest offering, the brand new Venom Griptape cleaner has been designed to keep your grip clean of dust, dirt and asphalt grime, that’s the stuff that makes you slip off your board!

When you ride concrete or wooden skateparks you will pick up dust on your shoes that then gets pressed into the grip tape making it less effective and harder to perform tricks.

Just use it as a pencil rubber and watch the dust just rub off your board! Extend the life of your grip tape. This lump of wizardry goodness measures 7.5cm x 2.5cm x 2.5cm and with that block, we estimate you could clean your grip 500 times over!

If your grip has mud on it then you will need to carefully scrub it off first with soapy water and a brush. Be sure to pat dry with a towel and avoid soaking the wood of the deck. While the Venom Griptape cleaner is very effective against dust and small particles it won't completely remove mud or sticky marks.

Venom Skateboard Griptape Cleaner - Venom Skateboards
Venom Skateboard Griptape Cleaner - Venom Skateboards